Friday, 5 June 2020

A New Walk in the Wolds

A New Walk in the Wolds: From Utterby to Fotherby Common

Despite the, rather inclement weather, we were keen to get out for a walk this afternoon; the weather has turned much cooler (max 13C) with the wind from the north west bringing dramatic skies but also blustery winds and heavy showers.  In fact we receievd a couple of soakings during our walk.  We drove out along the main Louth Road to Utterby, where turned towards the Wolds rearing up to the west.  This was to be a new walk for us suggested by some friends and passing through Fotherby Common, designated common land in 1764 and re-registered in 1972.  Locals have 'commoners' right to take conies therein.'

We parked at the bottom of the dip slope of the Wolds and followed a footpath, climbing almost immediately.  We were quickly enjoying expansive views over the coastal marsh with dramatic skies as squalls swept across continuously during the afternoon.  We had neglected to take into account that it had been raining and there were sections of quite muddy path; soon our walking trainers were caked in mud!!

Having set out quite late we decided not to continue up to the deserted village of North Elkington which will await another day.  Our rote now took us downhill through the common and thence returning via a good track along the bottom of the slope.

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