Saturday, 6 June 2020

The Horsefield and Deadwood

A Blustery Walk around the Horsefield and Deadwood

Keen to be able to make some images on the Horsefield that didn't involve relentlessly cloudless skies, as soon as the rain dried up I set off on my usual Horsefield/Deadwood round.  I had barely got started, however, when I had to stop to don over-trousers.  I did, in fact, receive a couple of drenchings, but the compensation was the dramatic skies in between the showers.

Rose bay willowherb or fireweed, is now coming into flower, hogweed has completely taken over from cow parsley and bramble is now in flower.  There were several singing whitethroats as well as chiff chaff, willow warbler and blackcap.  I had a wonderful view of a skylark perched on the stray mustard plants on the edge of the track to Peaks tunnel farm.  It was dark and gloomy in the wood but on the way back to the Horsefield I was able to watch the three hirundines swallow, house martin and swift.  Elder bushes are now burgeoning and I have sent away for citric acid, ready to make elderflower cordial.  For the first time I photographed the glacial bluestone by the site of the old Peaks Tunnel Farm.

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