Thursday, 1 July 2021

Llanfendigaid, Day 5. Ridge Walk and Aberdovey.

Pulling up the summit of the ridge we were suddenly rewarded with views down to Llanfendigaid, the coast and the Dysynni Estuary.  We had the idea to walk from the Cowshed along the ridge that we look out on.  Our route took us up the road and round the back of the ridge before climbing up to it where we enjoyed a drink and snack looking out at the views and taking team photos.  The highlight of the ridge was the excellent close views of hares one of which exploded from under John's feet.  The route down involved avoiding a herd of savage cows one of which was snorting and black.  Their body language was positively negative.  Having avoided the ravenning beasts we enjoyed the walk back.  After lunch Heather and I took the new car out for a play and went to Aberdovey.  Unfortunately it turned cloudy and hazy but it was still good to be pack and potter around all of our favourite places.  The slate green of the sea was beautiful and I was well-impressed with the number of wild swimmers.

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Llanfendigaid from The Ridge
Looking down on Tonfanau
The NOGs and GOGs
Looking Down on the Dysynni Estuary
The NOGs and GOGs


Time and Tide Bell, Aberdovey
Time and Tide Bell, Aberdovey

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