Sunday, 4 July 2021

Llanfendigaid, Day 7. Sand, Sea and Jellyfish. Plus Sunburned Feet!

Sadly our last day today so we plumped for a walk along the beach to Aberdovey, parking at Temper Tantrum layby.  We set off over the railway line and crossed the golf course enjoying new plants on the way: marjoram, fox and cubs, ragged robin, sea spurge and sea bindweed.  As We crossed the dunes we revelled in the expanse of pristine beach and crystal clear sea.  We really enjoyed the walk along the beach into Aberdovey, paddling some of the way.  There was plenty of activity on both sea and beach and we were fascinated by the large numbers of washed up jellyfish.  Reading up about this later we discovered that increased numbers of jellyfish are becoming a problem due to warming seas from climate change.  Aberdovey was as lovely as ever and we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Medina cafe.  It was soon time to head back, the return walk being quicker as we spent less time beach combing.  A great evening back at the cowshed topped off a wonderful week with special friends in a fabulous location.

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Fox and Cubs

Compass Jellyfish

Sea Bindweed

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