Saturday, 25 April 2015

Looking for Green-Winged Orchids at Chambers

Having been informed that Green-Winged orchids flowered in late April/may in Little Scrubbs Meadow at Chambers Farm Wood I had planned a trip to combine orchid hunting and Jet walking.  On arrival we all followed the path round to the meadow, me full of anticipation.  On the way we noticed wood anemones, bluebells and violets in flower and chiff chaff and willow warbler were both in full song.  Despite scouring the meadow twice, I could find no trace of orchids other that the basal rosette of a common spotted and a couple of small specimens of early purple in flower.  Disappointing.  I did, however, take some pleasing shots of bluebell, primrose, wood anemone and violet.

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Little Scrubbs Meadow
Little Scrubbs Meadow
Wood Anemone
As we left to find somewhere for tea and stickies we noticed storm clouds building towards the coast. They looked very dramatic, being a deep blue colour in the late afternoon sun.  When we reached home we discovered that there had been a torrential downpour, like a wall of water for several minutes.  The gardens certainly received some much needed water.

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