Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sunset in the Wolds

Last Tuesday, at the end of a beautiful day I set off into the Wolds to attempt my first badger watch at 'Badger City'.  When I arrived and went to put out some peanuts, I noticed that the ones I had put out the day before had been hoovered up so things were looking good.  I settled down at 6.00 pm with my flask of drinking chocolate to await events, and wait, and no avail.  The badgers, although obviously active, refused to put in an appearance before it got too dark to see, never mind photograph.  So. it's back to the drawing board.  The only thing that I can think is that the field next door was being sprayed and there was a strong smell from the spray.  I was sure that they hadn't got my scent as the wind was blowing away from me.  It was, however, a very pleasant, if cold, evening with a good sunset.

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