Sunday, 3 June 2018

Spain, May/June 2018. Day 14

Good morning dear readers, if there are any!!  I sit under our awning this morning sheltering from the rain and listening to thunder rolling around the mountains.  After a wonderful day yesterday we enjoyed a lovely meal together followed by whist, but then we had a rumble of thunder followed by a night of rain.  We woke to a misty morning which soon cleared to allow us to sit out in the sun watching Peter and Linda packing ready to leave tomorrow. I used the opportunity to ring the bank at home because I was one of the unfortunates who suffered from the visa outage a couple of days ago, my card being refused three times.  It would seem that the money had gone out but was immediately refunded.  Apparently visa were on it straight way.  All good now but it does add to the spice of travel.
Our plans now are to (hopefully) pick the car up tomorrow as part of an afternoon in Potes and then spend a few days exploring locally in our valley; we just need the weather to be on our side.  The big improvement we had hoped now seems to have vanished so we have booked a hotel at Ribadeslla on the coast from Friday for 5 nights until the boat on 13th.
Peter and Linda have packed up their tent ready for leaving tomorrow.  They have to be back in Bilbao for Wednesday's ferry and are having a couple of nights in a hotel on the way.  Unfortunately under their tent was a sea of foul smelling mud.  Under ours it will no doubt be the same. They have put up a small pop up tent for tonight and once this was done we all walked up the lane above us to the tiny village of Lon where we had a drink in the local posada.  On the way we found a very large green lizard basking in the sun but annoyingly we disturbed it.  A little patience rewarded us with some head shots before it popped back into its hole.
The day finished with a meal in the bar and a final game of whist.
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