Monday, 4 June 2018

Spain, May/June 2018. Day 16

Sadly the sun didn't stay out yesterday.  Although we had a very pleasant couple of hours in it and at one point had to move into the shade, it started raining at 1.00 pm and didn't stop until 7.00 this morning.  18 hours of rain have turned our pitch into a muddy swamp.  We did manage a brief walk under brollies before a simple meal in the bar with Dom, one of the two Cumbria Uni students left in the site.  After that it was time to retire to the tent once more.
Once the rain stopped this morning the weather steadily improved.  Still with huge roiling clouds about and occasional showers but lots of very hot sunny periods too.  A phone call to the RAC provided the information that the car would be ready this evening and we arranged with one of the campsite staff that he would drop us in Potes later to pick it up.  We occupied some of our time while we were waiting with a walk around the small but very attractive local village.  At one house we were fascinated by a pair of wooden clogs with short raised legs to keep the wearer out of the mud.  Traditional wear but obviously still in use.  We also walked back up the lane to try for some more photographs of the occelated lizard.  Today it was much more cooperative and I was rewarded with some nearly full frame shots.  And what a handsome beast it is.  Bright green with spots of iridescent blue along it's flanks.
We successfully picked up the car at 6.00 and were delighted that it was €57 less than we were expecting.  It's now beer o'clock and time for dinner in the campsite bar.
A much better day has been had.
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