Monday, 4 June 2018

Spain, May/June 2018. Day 15

Well unfortunately not all things go to plan.  We woke to yet another morning of low cloud, but it has cleared somewhat now and I am sitting outside in a brief spell of sun, well away from the stench from where Peter and Linda's tent was.  After Peter and Linda had packed up their little pop up tent we had breakfast with them in the bar.  Before they left Peter ran me into Potes to the garage to check on the progress of the car.  Sadly they do not yet have the part they need for the repair.  Kia, in Santander, have had to order it in from abroad and it hasn't arrived yet.  If it turns up today the car could be ready tomorrow. At the moment all plans are on hold until we have it back.  If the sun stays out I may walk up the road to try and get some photos of the lizard.
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  1. There are indeed readers - Jackie and I found time to catch up this morning before breakfast.

  2. The mountain walk sounds exhilarating but well done for following Dirty Harry's advice: "A man's gotta know his limitations." Enjoy a little freedom from driving.