Thursday, 7 June 2018

Spain, May/June 2018. Day 18

The plan today was to pack the car ready for leaving tomorrow.  Consequently it was with some anticipation that we greeted the day.  It began as so often with very low cloud and mist but once the sun got up it has gradually burnt off to leave  a beautiful hot day.  After breakfast outside we cleared and tired the car and then brought out all of the boxes and fridge from the tent.  They in their turn were sorted and the car loaded.  The only things left to go in are the tent and bedding.  After a light lunch we finished off and went to pay for the site which worked out at £14 a night which is great value.  Heather then went for a swim and I went up the road for a last go at the lizard.  It was my most successful visit yet and I am really pleased with the shots.  Black kites and vultures wheeled overhead and the warm air was filled with the chirruping of cicadas.  A real bonus was the glimpse I had of an ascalaphid or owl fly an insect predatory on others.  Later we intend to have a final potter in the valley with perhaps a visit to Potes to buy some wine and local walnuts.  After dinner in the bar it will be time for an early night ready for packing the tent in the morning and moving to the coast.

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  1. You have made it! The hotel lifestyle is your reward. Enjoy!