Saturday, 9 June 2018

Spain, May/June 2018. Day 20

What a brilliant day today.  The weather has finally been kind to us.  When we woke up the sky was clear and the forecast good so we decided to stay local rather than drive for an hour to Ribidasella.  After an excellent breakfast we set off for nearby Urbiarco and Playa de Santa Justa.  We fell in love with this beautiful bay immediately.  It would be packed in season but even on a Saturday at this time of year it was very quiet.  The tide was coming in and with it huge rollers from the Atlantic, crashing on the rocks in a welter of spray.  In the bright sun the colours were amazing: further out a deep, indigo blue, closer in a beautiful turquoise and where the waves were breaking a creamy duck-egg green.  The cliffs either side were delightful flower strewn meadows and we even found a tongue orchid.  Butterflies were numerous: meadow Brown's,  whites, clouded yellow and marbled white.  I also managed some photos of a winchat.  Set into the cliff is the Ermita de Santa Justa, a tiny church.  It is locked but it is possible to peer into the interior through a barred window in the door while huge surf crashes immediately below.  A cafe con leche and ice cream at the friendly bar were obligatory.
Eventually we decided go and explore further, having been moved on by the carpark lady to make way for a fleet of Ferraris arriving later.  Still, we found storks and cattle egrets in breeding plumage hunting near where a tractor was mowing a field for hay; overhead black kites wheeled.  We visited the Ermita de San Pedro near Oraña which is on the coastal alternative route of the Camino de Santiago. While we were there a peregrino called in to have his Camino passport stamped by the guardian who showed us around.  Very friendly, he was justly proud of his church and even took us up the tower.
Next it was time for another playa and a paddle followed by a coffee and then on to Camillas for a potter round the old harbour.  There is work by Goudi here and the town centre looks attractive so we shall return.
We now have the difficult job of deciding what to have for dinner from the excellent menu.  The weather forecast is looking good again for tomorrow so fingers crossed.
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