Tuesday, 8 October 2019

The Cowshed Day 2

The weather forecast for today was not good so we were happy to have chilled out day.  Strictly cach up was high on the agenda along with a swim in the morning.  How lovely it is to wander across to our own heated pool - luxury.
After a sandwich lunch Steve and John went off to play golf while the rest of us caught the train into Aberdovey.  We are ideally situated for this excellent single track train service which runs all along the coast to Pwhelli one way and to Birmingham New Street the other.  The ladies hit the Aberdovey shops - all ten or so while I wandered photograhically.  While heading to the pier, I could hear the deep  sonorous ring of a bell.  Thinking it was a buoy I scanned the estuary but could see nothing; anyway it sounded closer.  Nonplussed, I continued photographing and gradually moving along the pier when my attention was drawn to the ringing bell again. It now seemed to be coming from under my feet.  More determine now  I found some steps leading under the pier and was delighted to find another Time and Tide Bell; the twin of the Mablethorpe one except suspended by iron rods below the pier with the tide-activated pendulum hanging beneath it.  Had the tide not been in I would never have known it was there.  Deciding to do a little more research I have discovered that there is one at Morecambe which we will visit next time we are at the caravan and also one at Great Bernaray which, if our plans come to fruition, we shall be able to visit next June.  Exulting in my good find I joined the shoppers for tea and cake; in my case a deliciously moist coconut slice.  Regrettably the treacle tart wasn't unveiled until we were leaving, still, it avoided an agonising choice.  There was just time left for a wander along the beach for some more photography before catching the train back to Tonfanau. 
Not only were things quiet in the bird world, it was very quiet on the people front in Aberdovey.

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