Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Cowshed, Day 7 and home.

Saturday was our final day and, after a quick breakfast, everyone busied about packing.  Eventually were were ready to leave, the only remaining, but hugely important task being the ritual team photograph.  The last time we took this two years ago there were 21 of us, but today just we six wrinklies: the NOGS, BOGS and GOGS (Newport Old Gits, Blackpool.....).  Sadly it was time for us all to go our separate ways until we meet up next.  As usual, though, we GOGS found it impossible to drag ourselves away and headed back to Barmouth and The Panorama Walk.  The weather was encouragingly bright and we hoped, successfully, for better conditions for drawing and photography.  Following this it was time for tea and stickies for lunch so we stopped off in Dolgellau before beginning the journey proper.  This went well and we arrived home in time for a curry, pint and 'Strictly'.  
Yet again an excellent holiday with wonderful friends.

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