Friday, 11 October 2019

The Cowshed Day 5

We awoke to a wet morning and a poor weather forecast.  As the prospect was more optimistic later in the day we had a relaxed morning together before setting out for our various destinations. Heather and I had two objectives: photography and drawing at the Cregennen Lakes below Cadair Idris and then going on to explore the Panorama Walk high above Barmouth,  again for drawing and photography.  Making the sharp turn that doubles back on itself from the main road at Arthog I had forgotten how steep this road was.  It wound steeply up through beautiful woods and waterfalls with more than one vertiginous hairpin bend.  Silently praying that we wouldn't meet anyone coming the other way we eventually crested the final rise to the lakes to find Helen and John already in the car park; they too had found the ascent hair raising.  The lakes are set in spectacular mountain scenery with expansive views down to the Mawddach Estuary on one side and up to the precipitous slopes of Cadair on the other.  That is, of course,   in good weather.  Today the cloud was down and sheets of rain drifted across the valley.  Helen and John opted to walk around the Lakes  but we only stopped long enough for a quick sketch and a few photos.   This was the second time I had driven up here for photography and it remains a work in progress. 
Continuing, we followed the mountain road to Dolgellau and the main road round the estuary to Barmouth where it took a couple of attempts to find the road up to the Panorama Walk, yet another steep ascent.  Once at the car park we found a fleet of outdoor activity minibuses, their occupants, fortunately,  heading further up the hill for climbing or abseiling.  Our path took us in the opposite direction through oak and birch woodland up to the viewing point with fine views up the estuary towards Dolgellau and down to Fairbourne and the railway viaduct.  Unfortunately the weather was no better and now with 50mph winds making it difficult to stand.  Another work in progress,  but we may return on Saturday if the weather behaves.  
The journey home gave the opportunity to drive across the delightful wooden toll bridge at Penmaenpool; a wet but enjoyable day and a delicious dinner with good friends in prospect.

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