Friday, 12 March 2021

Another Escape Day

 We parked up today on a very quiet lane on top of the Wolds to avoid any congestion in the village.  We had a very enjoyable walk from the top of the Wolds and down into the valley, through the village, lunch by the church and then back up to the car via 'Badger City'.  Although sunny and warm when in the valley bottom and sheltered. There was an incredibly strong wind and temperatures were only 5C so we needed our winter gear on.  It was sad to find a dead barn owl on top of the Wold but I had a report later in the day that the one in the barn at Top Yard was seen out and about in the evening; good news.  

The highlight of the day was to find a pond full of very vocal mating frogs; the pond was thick with spawn.  What a sight!  I was interested to find another flock of redwing in the wood by the church; I would have thought they would be returning to their breeding grounds by now.  Up at 'Badger City' there had been a lot of activity and fresh hole digging; I must make the effort to get out in the evening to try and watch them.  It needs a wind from the east though to blow the human smell away.

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