Saturday, 20 September 2014

Scotland, September 2014. Achmelvic, Day 6.

Set the alarm early this morning to give myself time to scramble over the hill behind the van to nearby Loch Roe to look for seals and otters.  Although another beautiful spot, I saw heron and curlew but, sadly no otters.  On my return we popped into Lochinver for pie and internet and then set out along the coast to Stoer and its old man, another towering sea stack.  The views were again superb and on the walk from the lighthouse along the cliff tops there was always the anticipation of seeing whales but again no luck this time.  There were plenty of cormorants and gannets, though, but little other bird life.  September is a quiet month up here.  Having said that, however, it was a delight to watch several skeins of geese flying noisily over on the way south, presumably arriving from Arctic climes; barnacle geese I wonder, perhaps heading for Islay.  The Old Man was impressive indeed; a towering finger of shattered old red sandstone.  On the way back to the car the sun was in our faces and the the sea gleamed silver putting the lighthouse into silhouette.  On the way home we stopped off at Clach Toll beach to visit the Celtic broch set defensively on the low cliffs between the white sand beaches of Clach Toll and Stoer with their backing of machair.

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