Saturday, 23 May 2020

A Covid Canter Around the Horsefield.

A Covid Canter Around the Horsefield in the Wind.

Despite there being 40 mph winds for the second day running we were keen to get out on the Horsefield but avoiding the Deadwood in the winds.  Although windy, it wasn't particularly cold and we enjoyed being out.  The wind did make things hard work, though, especially with dust clouds blowing about o the farm track and the debris of blown down branches.  I did wonder how the crow chicks were coping in the teeth of the gale.  The large ash tree in the corner, the chaffinch and song thrush tree is now in full leaf and the flowers have died off.

Cow parsley is gradually coming to the end of its season and is being superseded by hogweed, the newly opening flowers of some having a pink tinge.  It was good to see field rose coming opening with its beautiful creamy white flowers shining like beacons and Japanese rose too with its fabulous magenta blossoms which will eventually produce huge scarlet, globular hips.  We have always called this burnet rose, but on looking it up I find it is a close relative, both being introduced some time in the past.  Candy-striped field bindweed, white clover, yellow rattle, mouse ear and blackberry are all now coming into flower.

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