Thursday, 7 May 2020

An off road ride inti the Wolds with Heather

An off-Road Ride into the Wolds with Heather

An excellent ride with Heather again today, again off-road but this time out into the Wolds as far as Beelsby.  We rode out through Scartho Top to get the Dixon's and then Bradley woods; greening up quickly now but still with bluebells and stitchwort in flower.  The stitchwort, in particular, shines out from the shadows like a host of stars.  We continued over the fields to Laceby Manor Golf Course and out, briefly onto Barton Street before heading off-road again, this time up hill to Irby Holmes Wood.  Again everywhere is greening up and here the beech trees, in particular looked splendid with their verdant green leaves.  This, too, is a good wood for bluebells, in fact, we give it the nickname of Bluebell Wood.  I was also delighted to hear large numbers of garden warblers and black caps singing loudly.  

All the hard work over, now, we stopped for coffee and Christmas cake before continuing on road through the hamlet of Beelsby, down off the Wolds to Barnoldby-le-Beck.  It would have been wonderful to stop off for a pint in the warm sun sitting in the garden as we have done many times before, but in these troubled times not possible.  We returned home via Bradley Gairs Wood and Springfield.

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