Thursday, 28 May 2020

A Walk Along the Ancholme.

A Walk Along the Ancholme

As Lockdown restrictions are being eased slightly we made the decision to meet Thomas at Doncaster services.  He had been to Doncaster to buy a new car and we met up afterwards at the services, taking our own flasks, sandwiches and chairs and keeping the recommended 2m distance from each other.  Rather than just drive to the services and back, however we decided to have a walk along the Ancholme on the way.  I hoped for butterflies and we wanted to have a look at the new bike trail along the river.

The original plan was to park at Horkstow Bridge, walk down the river to Saxby Bridge and back on the other side.  However, when we arrived at Horkstow, there was a large group of 20 somethings in 3 or 4 cars swimming and BBQing and playing music very loudly.  This is not the first case I have heard of people crowding to normally quiet spots.  Recently so many people besieged Limber for the Brockelsby Estate walk and the parking mayhem and damage caused in the woods has resulted in its closure.  This behaviour is inexcusable.  I also heard yesterday that a similar situation was Hubbard's Hills in Louth.  Deciding not to stay we drove back to Saxby All Saints and the bridge there and walked towards Bonby Carr Lane.  The butterflies I had hoped for didn't materialise, although I did find some beautiful dog roses - one of my favourite flowers.  I wonder if the dry weather is the cause of the lack of butterflies.  We have had no significant rain for over three months.  From floods we moved straight into pandemic lockdown and drought.  When will this world learn that we cannot keep desecrating the planet.

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Looking towards South Ferriby Sluice
Looking towards South Ferribly Sluice
Saxby Bridge

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