Tuesday, 26 May 2020

A Good Night's Mothing.

A Good Night's Mothing

I had a good night's mothing last night.  The temperature remained above 10C all night and it was a new moon so, basically, no moon which is good.  I was up at 5.00 this morning emptying the trap and annoyingly had two or three escapees before I could get them potted.  During the day I managed to ID those with which I was unfamiliar and then photographed them tonight, also suffering a couple of escapees.  Below are images of new moths for me plus the heart and dart which I photographed against a different background than previously.

To view large, please click on an image.
Heart and Dart
Poplar Grey
Poplar Grey
Poplar Grey
Rustic Shoulder Knot
Treble Lines

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