Sunday, 10 May 2020

Mothing Disaster

A Moth Trapping Disaster

As it was a fine warm afternoon yesterday I decided to set the moth trap, despite the poor forecast for today.  I went to bed thinking that I would be OK, after all the weather is never as bad as the forecast.  At 4.00 am I was suddenly aware that it was raining; not just raining but siling down.  I shot out of bed and out in my pyjamas to gather up the trap and accoutrements.  Fortunately the egg boxes inside the trap were still dry.  I finally checked it at 7.00.  Only four moths but all different species, two that were new for the year (NFY):
  • Common Quaker
  • Heart and Dart
  • Miller (nfy)
  • Campion (nfy)
The next challenge came with the photography in the bitter cold and strong winds.

To view large, please click on an image.

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