Sunday, 10 January 2021

A Late Walk Around the Deadwood and a Spectacular Sunset

 Again a walk from home and back on familiar terrain.  During the first Lockdown last March I began a project to record the changing seasons on the Horsefield and in the Deadwood during the year and photograph close to home.  I found the project both satisfying and successful and, now with Lockdown 3 to last until at least march, set to continue.  Todays walk involved a longer more round about route to get to the Deadwood via Low Farm and then returning across the Horsefield.  We deliberately set off fairly late so that we would be walking into the sunset for the last couple of miles.  In places the ground was still frozen, but in places it had thawed and the land was a quagmire making walking hard work.  It was beautiful weather, though, and a spectacular sunset only being marred by the burnt out car as we left the Horsefield.  One can only hope that it was an essential journey!!

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