Tuesday, 26 January 2021

A Roe Deer Ramble Around the Woodland Burial Ground.

 Relishing my after breakfast coffee in the conservatory surveying the gloomy morning, I noticed the sky beginning to brighten.  Perhaps it would be worth a visit to the cemetery to try to photograph the goldfinches in the alders.  Getting changed for walking quickly and grabbing the camera gear we set off.

Walking around the ouside of the cemetery I was pleased to spot my first aconites of the year.  Typically I only had the birding lens with me but nonetheless grabbed a record shot before heading down to the alders but.......no goldfinches in sight.  Not helped by grave digging going on nearby and a very large noisy family close to the trees.  All one household; I think not, and what happened to social distancing.  Grrrrr!!!!

Having dipped out on the goldfinches the plan was to go back and walk around the woodland burial ground.  I was absolutely delighted to spot a roe deer out in the open close to a small clump of trees in which there was another.  I have known that roe deer were in there both anecdotally and having often seen their slots.  The deer out in the open stood and watched us watching it before they both turned and trotted off into the trees with their white rumps gleaming.  What a delight; my day was made!!

We continued around the cemetery circuit the weather becoming increasingly gloomy again.  I did spot a good clump of snowdrops so a visit with the macro is on the cards.

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