Sunday, 17 January 2021

Woodland Cemetery and Horsefield

 Another walk around the Woodland Burial Ground today and returning via the Horsefield in better weather.  I was keen to experiment with the 55-200 lens with an extension tube attached today.  I was reasonably pleased with the results, although I missed the focus slightly on the lichen.  I was fascinated by the delicate female flowers on the hazels although they are a challenge to photograph.  They are so tiny and working so close gives very little depth of field.  I think the trick might be to bring some home and try in an outdoor studio situation with the 80mm macro. In the main cemetery are a few alder copses.  These trees like their feet in water but seem to be thriving, probably because they are in a low, wet part of the cemetery.  I love the way the catkins make the trees glow purple and this morning there was a small charm of goldfinches feeding on the cones.

Everywhere continues to be sodden and the track past the YMCA to Peaks Tunnel is still flooded.  It was a pleasure to watch a buzzard soaring over the Deadwood.

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Hazel , lambs Tails
Hazel lambs Tails
Female Hazel Flower
Alder Catkins
Alder cones and catkins

Buzzard (archive image)
                                                                Buzzard (archive image)

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