Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Ambling with Aconites

 Retrieving my old waterproof from the car I gathered bins and camera with macro lens attached to go and do battle with the cemetery aconites.  The old waterproof because I was planning on some intimacy with the ground to get a low perspective on the aconites.  I was much more pleased with today's efforts; the birding lens is not ideal for aconite photography.  Moving on to the woodland burial ground I hoped to see the deer again but no luck today.  Having the macro with me, though, I did have a much more successful go at the lovely lichens; it was only when processing the images that I noticed the wintering ladybird.  No sign of the alder goldfinches again today but the snowdrops are coming on a pace.

To view large, please click on an image.

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