Sunday 31 October 2021

Lake District, October/November. Day 5. Kent Kavorting.

The light was beautiful as we made our way down the green lane to Bowston Bridge on the river Kent.  The morning had been wet yet again but cleared just long enough to fit a 5 mile walk in along the river and back and to give some dramatic lighting.  We crossed the river at Bowson Bridge and walked along the river to Beckmickle Ing bridge from where we reversed the route on the other side of the river. Sadly the rain started again at Bowston Bridge and we had had to make our way back up the hill to Ashes Lane in the wet.  Still, beer o'clock now!

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Lake District, October/November. Day 4

I planted my tripod legs firmly in the soft floor of the wood and the only decision I had to make was how to make the  best composition from the glorious array of colours in Ratherheath Woods. 
We had woken up to heavy rain yet again but by lunchtime the sky had cleared and the sun had come out to produce some wonderful light.  We had walked out from the caravan to our local woods to revel in the rich saturated golds and bronzes of Autumn.  Following our very slow progress around the wood we hurried up to 'The Tree' on the fell above the caravan.  We  make a pilgrimage up here everything we come.  A naturally bonzaied oak growing out of a small limestone cliff, it looks out over Staveley and the Kent Valley and up to the river's source high in the Kentmere fells.  The leaves of the tiny oak glowed in the late afternoon sun which isolated it from the dark Dorothy Farrer's Wood on the far side of the valley.
We wandered back to the caravan well-satisfied with our afternoon. It was, of course, beer o'clock. 

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