Monday 25 February 2019

A Walk on the Beach

As we had not visited Cleethorpes for a while we decided to take Jet for a walk on the beach; always a favourite for him as he likes getting into the shallow muddy water and enjoys the lack of restraint by footpaths.  We parked up at Buck Beck as usual and gradually worked our way out to the furthest dunes and then out to the local wreck as it was revealed by the falling tide.  The light was rather harsh and middle of the dayish, but it was good to be out.  Egrets were plentiful on the salt marsh and the call of a curlew, as always, raised the hairs on the back of the neck.  Black headed gulls were alredy coming into breeding plumage.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Scallows, Snowdrops and Aconites

Although it is frustrating not to be able to drive until 1st April when I next see the surgeon (hopefully),  Heather is happily acting as my chauffeur for a few weeks.  As the snowdrops are at their peak at the moment we decided on a trip out into the Wolds to have a look at the snowdrops at Scallows.  I was delighted to find that not only were the snowdrops in full bloom the winter aconites were also still flowering well.  Whilst here we had a walk around the wood and a bit of a tidy up at the hide.  
We took a picnic with us and enjoyed it sitting in the car on the edge of the Wolds high above the coastal marsh looking out to the sea.

Sunday 17 February 2019

Spring Bulbs and a Family Day Out at Doddington Hall

Although only a few days out of hospital we decided to meet up with Beth and Alejandro at Doddington Hall just outside Lincoln.  As enjoyable as the day was I had not taken into account how much the drive there and back would take out of me.  I was exhausted by the time I got home, but it was good to see Beth and Alejandro and the spring display in the garden was excellent with crocuses, in particular being spectacular.  Wytch Hazel was also in flower and looking good.

Saturday 16 February 2019

A Saunter Around Rothwell with Lunch at the Blacksmith's

It was a cloudless morning yesterday as Heather and I drove out of Grimsby on the A46.  We turned off at Swallow and wound along lanes to Cuxwold and onto Rothwell to meet up with friends at The Blacksmith's.  My wish was granted as we turned sharply at Cuxwold church for, not only was this sunny bank covered in snowdrops, the early primroses that grow here were also in flower; another early sign of spring as were the first lambs of the year out in the fields.

Before we rewarded ourselves with lunch at the pub, however, it was first time for a perambulation around the village.  We started up the slope of School Lane towards the church.  Although only a very slight slope, my legs soon tired; an indication of my fitness or lack thereof. Unfortunately I am not quite in Munro shape yet!!!  The well-kept church yard was attractive as always, the perimeter studded with snowdrops.  From the church we dropped down to the Binbrook road which we followed for a short way before turning off along the track to Rothwell Top Farm.  The tiny stream here issues from a spring and was lined with snowdrops and aconites and the ground was carpeted with last year's beech leaves.  Beside the track different species of dogwood glowed in the sun and added a real splash of winter colour.

My legs are still only managing a mile and a quarter but, nonetheless, lunch was welcome.

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Heart Surgery and Home

Normal service has been interrupted somewhat.  My last walk from Barnoldby to Brigsley was punctuated on the return by a phone call from Castle Hill requesting that I attend on Tuesday 29th form my planned open heart surgery to replace a severely stenosed aoortic valve.  This procedure, I have to say, has gone remarkably well and I have nothing but praise for the surgical team, ICU and Ward 27.  The care and attention I received was second to none.  Looking back now I can't believe that it is only two weeks since my surgery and I am already out and about following the physiotherapists' instructions regarding daily walks.  My regular walk is round the cemetery, only 5 mins walk from us and I am already up to just over a mile.  

While in hospital I was fortunate to have a bed by the window and was able to look out across the roads to the comings and goings of the local rookery as the birds began to busy themselves with their nests.  On the way home we drove through the small village on Melton Ross where the display of aconites is always a spectacle.  On my walks around the cemetery I have been enjoying the snowdrops and yesterday spotted some orange crocuses already in full bloom.