Sunday, 21 November 2021

Galgate, Day 2

We awoke this morning to beautiful clear skies and our first frost of the winter.  After breakfast we went for a walk around our lake. The reflections were superb in the still clear air, although there were no goosander, otters or kingfishers, all of which can be seen here.  At the appointed hour we launched ourselves off to Scorton and the Applestore cafe for our walk: a circuit of and an ascent of Nicky Nook.  We had met up with Thomas and Katy and we had a perfect day; I was delighted that I was able to get up steep-sided Nicky Nook with stops and without being too breathless.  Sadly, when we got back, the Apple Store was so busy we couldn't get in so we repaired to an excellent cafe nearby which is attached to a garden centre and popular with cyclists.  The day was completed with a welcome pint, an excellent meal cooked by Linda and a malt.  
Tomorrow Leighton Moss calls.

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