Sunday, 2 January 2022

The Year's First Walk Around the Local Patch

As it was such a beautiful day and walk around the local patch was in order.  Although bright and sunny it was cooler than of late at only 9C with a brisk SW breeze.  I followed the regular route: round the cemetery and woodland burial ground leaving via the crematorium.  Cross the road and follow farm tracks round to Peak's Tunnel where I crossed over the road then round the Horsefield, into Scartho and home.  Things were fairly quiet on the bird front with only 17 species, the highlight being the excellent views of a buzzard in fabulous light being moved on by a group of crows.  I also enjoyed the goldfinches feeding on the alder cones; perhaps this year we shall also get siskin and redpoll on them.  In the woodland burial ground, I was interested to see that last year was still hanging in there with spindle still showing bright pink fruits, the orange seeds long gone, though.  At the same time both hazel and alder catkins were already showing well.  On the Horsefield I had some fun photographing the two burnt out cars.  Everywhere is very wet now with the sodden and muddy ground making for tiring walking.

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Alder catkins
Grey Squirrel
Hazel Catkins
The Horsefield


Red Belted Bracket
Red Belted Bracket
Spindle Fruits

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