Tuesday, 3 May 2022

In a world of my own at Bonby.

 Yet again I had Bonby to myself.  What a peaceful place it is.  Not a sound other than that of the birds and the wind.  When I arrived at 10.30 the weather was grey and overcast with very little wind, although it had gone back round to the east.  Despite being only 11C it felt pleasant with there being little wind.  Not long after arriving I had parked in a likely spot for some bird activity when I noticed a movement by the fence.  A hare was squeezing through the gap and was relaxed as he had nor noticed me sitting in the car.  He ambled out into the field and began feeding, allowing for some photography, and then moved off back through the fence.  A real treat.  Down at the river there was a lot of whitethroat activity with several males displaying but refusing to show themselves.  During the time I was there I noted a small flock of birds that I put down as female reed buntings until I processed the images and realised they were corn buntings, the large bill being the give away.

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Brown Hare
Corn buntings and yellowhammer
Corn Buntings
Meadow Pipit
Female reed bunting collecting nesting material
Female reed bunting collecting nesting material
Male reed bunting
After a lengthy session down the Carrs, I decided to gradually head home via Winter's Pit on East Halton Marsh and then Killingholme Haven Pits.  Both were very quiet with virtually no birds on either.  Most of the regular wildfowl at Winter's had moved on and the only birds of note were the grat crested grebe pair.  I had gone to Killingholme Haven hoping for avocets with chicks but surprising the only birds present were several little egrets.  I did find and avocet but on the Humber mudflats when I went for a walk along the sea wall.

Little Egret

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