Monday, 20 June 2022

Lake District, June, Day 4.

A fabulous start to the day this morning: cloudless and sunny.  It bodes well for a day butterflying on Arnside Knott.  
Loaded up and pack up done we turned up the steep road from Arnside up to the carpark on Arnside Knott, struggling to find a parking spot.  The first job was to roll down and button shirt sleeves and tuck trousers into socks.  The Knott, as well as being one of the premier butterfly sites in the country, is also renowned for its sheep/deer ticks and we have learned by experience.  Girding our loins we huffed, puffed and grunted up the precipitous slopes to the panorama lookout where we applied bum to seat for a rest and lunch: christmas cake and cheese; can't beat it, and in the winter with Heinz tomoato soup.  Surprisingly and disappointingly we saw no butterflies on these steep, limestone slopes facing the Kent Estuary, perhaps because it was taking the brunt of the chill wind.  Once, through the trees and onto the upper slopes, though, things looked up and there were butterflies aplenty, mainly dark green and small pearl borderded fritillary.  I checked every one for underwing views to make sure I wasn't missing high brown or pearl bordered.  No such luck!  There were also a few northern brown argus about which was nice.  Photography was challenging, though, especially the brown argus and small pearl bordered as they preferred to settle down in the vegetation making clear views difficult.  On the way back down to the car I spotted my only grayling of the day;  I have usually seen large numbers of this species up here.
Butterfly time at an end we drove back down to Arnside where I retired to the Albion where I relaxed in the sun watching the tide come in with some liquid refreshment while Heather investigated the shops.  Back at the caravan, it was soon time to fire up the BBQ to cook some chicken that I had had marinading in white wine, oil and lemon juice all day.  A very pleasant end to another excellent day.

Images to come.

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