Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Mull, July, Day 3

An early morning for cards and presents for the 'Birthday Girl'!  Sadly the weather didn't come up trumps as it was dull and gloomy and rained on and off all day.  We had a day off wildlife and, in honour of the birthday, had an art galley, garden and coffee shop day.  We began at the lovely gallery of Island Blue and Mull Pottery before heading up to The Isle of Mull Cheese Farm for lunch and some cheese.  We also enjoyed watching cheese being made.  The cheese itself is very nice, reminiscent of a sharp cheddar.  We also bought a Hebridean Blue.  Moving on we passed through Dervaig and diverted down to the tiny bay at Croig complete with another redundant boat left to moulder picturesquely on the shore.  We continued along the coast road , pausing briefly at the beautiful bay and white sand beach at Calgary Bay as we headed for Lip na Cloiche Gardens and nursery.  We had been here before and it was just as beautiful as we remembered: a jungalesque garden climbing steeply up the hillside.  On the way to the garden we passed the Tin Shed Gallery and enjoyed an exhibition of prints and pottery.  Our final stop before returning to Tobermoray was at the sea eagle site where we had amazing views of one of the adults in flight being mobbed by a crow.
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Calgary Bay

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